Come Draw with Us on the Third Saturday of Each Month

DrawingFolx is a casual, monthly social event for drawing practice. Ever wished you could not only people-watch without feeling creepy, but also whip out your sketchbook and practice drawing? We got you, boo. Come up to the “drawing room” at MarCellar’s, where all adults are welcome, as long as you bring your own art supplies and remember to tip your bartender.

We just want a place to sketch.

Why, though? Art is therapy. Art is for everyone. Art should be free to do. Everyone can draw. Explore your latent talents. Make new friends. Find your chosen family. Express yourself in a place free of judgement, harrassment, and the prohibitive barriers to entry.

What to Expect

This is not an art class. All skill levels are welcome. DrawingFolx is a rare, non-academic place where pros and amateurs can draw together, free of judgement, for fun and practice. Just an independent gathering of folx who wanted a cool place to chill on a Saturday afternoon among like-minded people. We hope the schedule works well for both 9-5 and service workers, for whom seldom the twain shall meet.

Sessions will start on time. Seating is first come, first served, up to a safe capacity. Sit, stand, or move around with your own sketchpad and dry media. The model will be fully clothed. You must be there to draw. There will be timed sketches, starting with short warmup sketches and ending with longer ones. There will be breaks. You can have adult beverages, too, as long as you purchase them from the venue. Draw as you wish, and try to have fun, dammit. ;)

DrawingFolx Mission

  • Make art affordable: Make the experience of drawing practice accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level, career, identity, or socioeconomic status.
  • Get off the internet: Demonstrate the benefits of social events worthy of organic promotion, independent of social media, paywalls, and traditional advertising. Please share this page if you know someone who would like to draw with us.
  • Gather people together: Encourage people to grow their social circles, make new friends, explore their hobbies, and enjoy the company of like-minded people.
  • Be around better grownups: Welcome adults 21+ of all genders, identities, and backgrounds into a Safe, inclusive space.


Free Drawing Sessions

Unless otherwise stated, events are FREE, and are on the third Saturday of every month, 12-2pm MST, upstairs at MarCellar’s, which is 21+.

Event Calendar
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  • 18 MAY 2024
  • 15 JUN 2024
  • 20 JUL 2024
  • 17 AUG 2024
  • 21 SEP 2024
  • 19 OCT 2024
  • 16 NOV 2024
  • 21 DEC 2024

This page will always have the most current info, which is subject to change, so you might want to bookmark it.

Public Event Listings

There is no RSVP at this time. Just show up to draw. However, space is limited, so arrive early to get a seat and take advantage of warmup exercises.

We expect the best of you. Read the Code of Conduct before participating in a DrawingFolx event.

Yes, there is no social media presence. Anything worth doing is worth spreading organically. DrawingFolx proudly operates independently of social media. Please share this page if you know someone who would enjoy these events. Thanks!

Interested in modeling? Please reach out.

Code of Conduct

In order to foster a Safe, inclusive, welcoming, and positive community, all DrawingFolx participants are empowered to call out and attempt to resolve disrespectful, disruptive, harassing, hateful, harmful, or threatening (defined below as: “inappropriate”) behavior, and the organizers (aka “we” and “us”) are empowered to enforce this Code of Conduct.

The Short Version

Be respectful of venue patrons and DrawingFolx participants. Respectfully call out anyone behaving inappropriately, ask them to stop, and direct them to this Code of Conduct. Stand up for one another. If you need help resolving an issue, talk to us. If you are unable to follow the Code of Conduct, you will be restricted from participating in DrawingFolx events.

The Long Version

DrawingFolx is an event designed to foster creativity in a Safe Space for all kinds of people with diverse backgrounds, skills, talents, experiences, cultures, and opinions. Because we aim for an inclusive environment, we treat all individuals with respect.

  • Be cool. Be considerate, kind, and respectful. Like that one gym motto, this is a judgement-free zone. Avoid inappropriate behavior. If you’re not sure about something that was said or done, simply ask someone instead of assuming.
  • No overcrowding. Seating is very limited and not guaranteed, so arrive no earlier than 11am, when the venue opens, to secure a place to sit. We will monitor room capacity to stay within fire code, which means there may not always be room for you to participate.
  • Speak up. Model respectful behavior, and address inappropriate behavior when you see it. One of the best ways to create a respectful community is to speak up when you see inappropriate behavior, and not just rely on us to act.
  • No outside alcohol. This is a bar, and they are incredibly generous to let us draw here. Stay hydrated, but don’t sneak in your own alcoholic beverages. Give the venue your patronage, and do tip your bartender.
  • Be here to draw. For the comfort of both models and participants, NO spectators, period. If you’re done drawing, kindly give up your seat. Bring your own drawing materials. If you need a pen/pencil or paper, we might have some you can borrow.
  • No photos. There will be no professional or amateur photography allowed of anyone else’s faces or original artwork without their express permission.
  • Don’t sell. Please don’t attend in order to overtly advertise or promote anything.
  • No touching. Do not touch or harass the models, or anyone else here, for that matter. Tip your model.
  • No wet media. Please only draw with dry media (e.g., pen, pencil, crayon, charcoal) so we can keep the space as clean as possible.
  • Don’t come sick. Sharing is caring, unless you are coughing and sneezing around otherwise healthy people. Thanks in advance.

Resolve Peacefully

If you see someone behaving inappropriately, we urge you to respectfully dissuade them from such behavior. If you experience inappropriate behavior toward yourself or anyone else and feel in any way unable or unwilling to respond or resolve it peacefully, please bring it to our attention, and we’ll work to resolve the matter.

Bounce Back...

Should you catch yourself behaving inappropriately, or if someone calls you on such behavior, please listen with intent, own up to your words and actions, and apologize. No one is perfect, and even well-intentioned people make mistakes. What matters is how you stick the landing and that you avoid doing it again.

...or Don’t Come Back

If we determine that someone is behaving inappropriately at a DrawingFolx event, we may take any action we deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion and exclusion from DrawingFolx events. We will seek to resolve conflicts peacefully and in a manner that is positive for the venue and all participants. We can’t foresee every situation; therefore, if, in our judgement, the best thing to do is to remove a harmful individual, we will do so. Please don’t make us make a new rule. :)


MarCellar’s is located at:


For questions or comments, please reach out via:

  1. email
  2. text message
  3. Mail: PO Box 352, Rigby, ID 83442, USA
  4. Show up and ask for Melanie



To support our efforts to hire models and host events, please consider donating via:

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